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Consulting is all about helping clients to optimise the performance of their organisation. Doing so could involve bringing them a fresh perspective on how they operate, working with them on a specific challenge, or contributing particular technical expertise or knowledge drawn from working with a number of different clients across an industry.



Network planning and design is an iterative process, encompassing topological design, network-synthesis, and network-realization, and is aimed at ensuring that a new telecommunications network or service meets the needs of the subscriber and operator. The process can be tailored according to each new network or service.



Providing hardware and software equipment from the best network and data center brands including: Cisco, Dell EMC, F5, VMware, 3PAR, NetApp, Mikrotik, Juniper, Leadtek.



The implementation process (putting the network design into practice) is probably the most critical stage of the project, as it requires a huge commitment in terms of manpower and financial resources, and can be quite disruptive of the day to day operation of the organization. The main activities are listed below: 1.procurement of equipment, materials, software and services 2.installation and testing of network cabling 3.installation of network equipment accommodation 4.installation, configuration and testing of network hardware 5.installation, configuration and testing of network servers, workstations and peripherals 6.installation of operating system software on servers and workstations 7.installation and testing of application software on application servers and workstations 8.creation of the network file system 9.creation of a suitable domain structure 10.creation and testing of user and group accounts 11.configuration and testing of network services 12.transfer of data from existing to new system 13.user training 14.final system testing



We will provide our customers multi-tiered technical support and maintenance through various channels including live chat support, in person support and personal tech support software 7*24



Holding Training IT courses, networking and data centers fields tailored to customer needs at the company, customer’s location or overseas , and official tests and granting internationally recognized qualifications certificates.


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